“Ask of Me and I will give You the nations as Your inheritance.”
(PSALM 2:8)


jerryVoices of Salvation Ministry uses the approach to evangelism modeled by the New Testament Church, and while this method might be called by many names (e.g. house church, simple church, open church, organic church, etc.); we are simply a group of people getting together with Christ as our center, and the Bible as our ultimate authority. We gather in groups anywhere–homes, workplaces, coffee shops, anywhere that people naturally gather!   Where ever God is moving.
We are not limited by geographical boundaries.   We go to our friends and neighbors next door or to the people of any country in the world, where the Lord leads and opens the door for us, to share the Gospel with lost sinners.    The Holy Spirit does the real work and we just have the privilege of obeying our Lord by sharing His Holy Word with whomsoever the Spirit has prepared his, or her, heart to respond.
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